I am currently reading this webtoon which was adapted into a Netflix series called "Sweet Home". I haven't watched the series yet but I plan to once I finish the webtoon. Unfortunately, I don't really have coins to buy episodes (because I'm poor like that) so I'm relying on the Webtoon's Daily Pass and free… Continue reading Monster

Something I Really Miss

The other day, I came across this podcast called "Ologies with Alie Ward". Its content are discussions about certain ologies or subjects of study like Volcanology, Primatology, Paleontology, etc. The host, Alie, interviews professionals who are knowledgeable about the topics or the ology for that certain episode and she lets them share facts and stories… Continue reading Something I Really Miss

Things I am Still Grateful for this 2020

Let's be real, we had a shitty year! But for the sake of the spirit of Christmas, I am going to write about the things I found that I am still grateful for this year. Because yes, 2020 is absolute shit (sorry I have no other words to describe it) but I believe that if… Continue reading Things I am Still Grateful for this 2020

What Now

I was cleaning and sorting and reorganizing my stuff in the boarding house when I found the first artwork I made this year. It is a portrait of DAY6's Sungjin and it was dated January 12. I remember that the moment I was finishing the artwork, Taal Volcano was already erupting unbeknownst to us. Despite… Continue reading What Now

The Book of Us: The Demon by DAY6

Eleven months after being a MyDay and we are now on my third comeback with DAY6. This is the first time that I actually felt so involved. I was a silent and passive MyDay before. But this time I decided to support them pretty actively. Ah! So many things happened prior to their comeback. It… Continue reading The Book of Us: The Demon by DAY6